Sending & Receiving Messages

Why should I create a Mailbox?

Having a Mailbox means you are on the system 24/7 for guys to hear and leave you messages. It will do the work for you while you’re at work or asleep. They are free to set up and we have 5 categories to choose from so, the question really is “Why wouldn’t you set one up?”

What should I say in my greeting?

What would you say to that hot man that cruises you as you’re walking down the street? Something hot, and inviting or something playful and coy? Your Greeting should say what you want to give for a first impression. Keep in mind it should be easy to understand you and no loud noises or music. You’ll have a much hotter experience if the guys can hear, and understand what you’re saying...

What do I do if I receive a message from a caller that I'm not interested in?

If you hear from a man who just isn’t your type, simply delete the message and move on. If he is persistent and keeps messaging you, you can block the caller from sending you messages by pressing 7, when the system prompts you. If you think the guy is doing something illegal, or is underage, you can also press 7 again, after blocking him, in order to flag him to our customer service department for investigation.