Why You SHOULD Hook Up on the First Date

I think when you meet someone on the lines you always kind of want it to end up going all the way. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hook up with someone you’re really connecting with? When you hook up with someone on the first date you’re pouring gasoline on the relationship and that’s not always a bad thing.

1. You Get To Gauge The Connection

I’ve heard a lot of straight people say “I want to build a connection before we take the next step” and that’s fine but it ain’t for me. I want a relationship with passion and a natural attraction that is almost instinctive and animalistic. When you have sex on the first date it’s like jumping right to the final exam, and testing to see if you have a spark. If you ask me, why spend a couple evenings reading between the lines; wouldn’t you rather just jump into the sack and see how it goes? If you don’t like him or the scenario at any moment you can always leave, and then there’s no harm done and no time wasted.

2. It Makes Small Talk Way Easier 

What? Sex makes talking easier? It does! When you are getting to know someone you can’t really mention sex or all your interests unless you’re actually willing to hook up. You’re being such a tease if a guy gets to learn about all your kinks and then when it comes to the coffee date you just want to talk. When you’re open to whatever the date has to offer, you can be open in the conversations leading up to the date too.

3. Sex Is An Ice Breaker

Have you ever tried to talk to a coworker about the weather? It doesn’t last very long and it’s never very interesting. But have you ever had to do an awful team event? It got you talking, right? For some reason when you run around doing silly relays or trust falls you actually build a connection with your fellow team players. Now picture that but balls deep – it’s definitely going to help you get to know someone and bond!

4. Penis Size And Other Promises

You may be picturing things very differently than he’s let on, and he may be doing the same for you. You may look way better in a bathroom selfie than you do in a bedroom, so if he still wants the real thing you know there’s a spark.

5. Time Is Money And So Is Money

Dating takes a lot of time and money so you don’t want to be wasting your best dating mojo on someone you’re going to get over. I knew a girl who would date men for months before “going all the way” but if it didn’t go well she would ghost and disappear forever. Imagine the time she would have saved if she just fucked them on the first date?

6. What Does He Do After?

We’ve all had partners who cuddle us, hold us tight, and make the post coital moment feel as warm as being in a womb. That being said, we’ve also all been tossed a used cum rag (or sock) or witnessed someone pretend to pass out just so you’ll tip toe towards the door. A guy could be the best lover but if he doesn’t kiss you after you’ve swallowed is he really that into you?

7. Test Drive His Stamina

Some guys wanna go at it all night, with other it’s more like a circle jerk and then a cuddle. Imagine if you found the perfect guy with the perfect job, the perfect smile, and abs like you wouldn’t believe; but he can only last 2 minutes and then hibernates till winter comes. That’s definitely something I would want to know before the second date, because there really wouldn’t be a second date.

8. Does He Have The Same Kinks?

We’re all gay men here so we all get that it's important to be into the same things. Sex is great, but it can get boring without a little something extra in the mix. The trouble comes when both of you want something completely different and have to compromise instead of coordinate. Imagine if the perfect guy for you was really into nipple play but yours are so sensitive you don’t even want them touched. That’s a deal breaker that would be ignored if it was after four or more dates! If you want a leather daddy who knows how to use a paddle than you deserve exactly that and you should not have to compromise!

9. Sex Is Fun, So Go Have Fun!

You should never have sex unless you really want to, even if a very well written article told you to. Sexy should be something exciting and awesome for both people and it really is. Don’t think about it like “I’m giving something up”, you should feel like you’re sharing something you both love doing. If you love to dance, you would dance and have fun dancing. Well sex is the same, so have sex and have fun having sex!