How To Meet Gay Men Without Apps

We all want to make a real connection with more than a profile picture, but how do you meet gay men without dating apps? If you’re like me you’ve tried the apps and learned what they have to offer. You’ve had your fair share of hookups and flakey encounters and you feel like there has to be something more out there. Well, I have good news for you, there are plenty of ways to meet men without taking shirtless selfies or paying for Grindr Xtra.


1. Gay Community Events

There are so many gay-themed events going on in every city. Even if there aren’t that just means the gays will be at the other events. Our community has never been accused of not knowing how to party and when it comes to Pride we bring out the big guns. You’ll find events for everyone from tea parties to pool bashes.


2. Find Your Scene

I’m sure you’ve heard that us gays love to label things, but you probably didn’t know each of those labels comes with a cool group of guys to hang with. I once knew a guy who wasn’t too pleased when people called him a bear, until he found his bear tribe and now he’s learnt to love his husky self. The same goes for just about everything, and I mean everything! You could find a group of jock gym buddies, dance all night with your fellow twink tribe, do some yoga with a few otters, or try a new restaurant with some foodie chubs and chasers. You may be the hottest specimen in your tribe and not even know it!


3. Volunteer Somewhere Special

You’ve got time on your hands and you’re looking to meet someone new; Why not use that time to make the world a better place? I can see why it would be tough to pick up a ladle at the soup kitchen, but just think how charitable you will look to the men you meet! It’s no secret that gay men are charitable people and so you’re destined to find a few anywhere there’s a good cause. Also, there’s a built-in conversation starter right there!


4. Join a Protest

It may sound a little insincere to head to a protest to meet guys, but I’m sure any cause would be happy enough just to have a few more bodies. I have met some really cool, and dare I say handsome, men at rallies for Feminism, Immigration, and Pipelines. It’s a great chance to meet people who feel as passionate as you about a cause that impacts all of us. Plus you can use your picket sign as a chance to showcase your winning personality.


5. Take a Class

Depending on the neighborhood or the type of class, it may not even need to be at an LGBT community center. If it’s a pastry class or male knitters club, you’re destined you find a few of our people even if there isn’t a rainbow flag on the door. Just think, you could be paired up with a cute daddy while you learn to crochet a hat, or even be taught by a sexy Italian bear to make the linguini that never breaks!


6. Audition For Community Theater

You may not be a Shakespeare wiz or even know the first thing about Musical Theater but there’s always a place for everyone when the goal is to strengthen and inspire the community. There’s plenty of gay theater groups, but if there isn’t one in your city I can almost guarantee us gays are running the straight theater troupe as well. My advice is just go to the audition with an open mind. You might end up in the chorus or even operating a spotlight but you’re definitely going to meet people and have fun.


7. Go To A Drag Show

I have been to so many drag shows of every size and budget and I have never ever seen a bad one. Why? Because if it’s bad that’s even better! Drag shows give you a chance to get dressed up and go to a gay bar without feeling like you’re lining up at the meat market. Also, because it’s a show, the queens would love for you to bring along as many friends as you can because it means more laughs and tips for them!


8. Call GuySpy Voice

I know what you’re thinking, oh a shameless plug, but if you want to meet a guy outside of the apps without leaving the house, it’s your only option. GuySpy Voice has all the guys you could ask for without even uploading a profile. All you have to do is call in, say what you’re looking for, and browse what other guys say they are hoping to find. It’s that easy! There’s no long text chats and personal descriptions because you can do all that when you’re actually talking with the guys you like. There’s no shirtless selfies to send or keep on hand, so you can see who’s out there without putting yourself out there. And everyone knows there’s no better way to make a connection than to have an intimate conversation.