How To Know If Your Date Is Attracted to You

We’ve all been on a hundred dates, and if you haven’t then you’ve got quite the adventure ahead of you. They usually all start in one of two ways: disappointment or even more disappointment. You order the same coffee from the same coffee shop and by the end of the date you can barely remember what you thought you saw in the guy sitting across from you. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t all looking for the same things. But here are a few ways you can tell he’s as interested in you as he was in your profile picture. 

1. He Stares At You, But Looks Away When You Look At Him

It’s totally creepy when you catch someone doing this to you on the subway. But when it comes to a date it’s the first sign it’s going well. When you go for a walk or sit on a park bench, take note of where his eyes are. Is he cruising for his next catch? Is he focused on the sunset? Or is he watching you and loving every moment of it?


2. When He Sees You He Can't Stop Fidgeting

It’s happened to the best of us. You used a flattering filter and accidentally locked in a date with someone way outta your league, and you’re stuck there fidgeting with everything in sight, peeling the label off your beer bottle, and crunching your napkin into a tiny pile of lint. Well, if you can make your date do that, than he’s either head over heels or in way over his head.


3. He Becomes Uneasy and Uptight

Ever had that moment where you’re sitting on the bus and suddenly a Dwayne Johnson lookalike wanders in and you find yourself adjusting your posture or forgetting what to do with your hands? It happens to the best of us and if your date is crushing on you it will definitely happen to him too. The best way to respond when you know that’s happening to your date is to initiate physical contact by lightly touching his arm or shoulder to put him at ease. Feeling you close will make him feel less intimidated and it will show him the feeling is mutual.


4. His Voice Becomes Strong and Loud

This doesn’t mean that if your soon-to-be bae is yelling at you than he must be the one! Basically it’s just that he’s trying to project his best self and with that comes an increase in volume and a more affirmative tone than usual. He may do this in a masculine or feminine way, but it is still a sign that he’s putting his best foot forward just for you. He’s nervous about what you may think and he wants you to see him as commanding and authoritative or energetic and charismatic.


5. He Sits With His Legs Spread Apart

If your date is an extroverted confident guy than he will involuntarily sit this way with his package on display. He may not even notice what he’s doing, but it will be hard for you to miss this definitely sexy view. If his legs naturally spread apart as you get to know each other, then you can probably guess that he’s a dominant guy expressing his attraction in a very alpha way. So if you’re seated across from a leather daddy with his legs spread, you’re probably making your date weak in the knees.


6. He’s Competing for Your Affection

If your date thinks you’re a hot commodity then he probably is afraid everyone else will agree. If your soon-to-be boyfriend is bragging about all his past bedroom exploits then he’s probably not that into you. That’s not something anyone would do when competing to be on the top of your list, and you probably should save your sex stories till after the first date too. If he does seem jealous when you mention other guys, it means he’s already starting to picture a future with you and he will be frustrated that someone could get in the way of that.


7. He’s Dressed To Impress

We’ve all frantically tried to find the perfect outfit to wear for a date with someone special. I’ve tried on my trusty blue Date Shirt, then everything else I’ve ever owned, just to resort back to the same collared blue shirt! However, if you were to catch me on any other day of the week I probably couldn’t tell you what I’m wearing without actually looking down. If it looks like your date has been in front of the mirror for ages or is wearing his Sunday best, he’s probably trying to impress you.


8. Mirroring Your Actions

Have you been on a coffee date with someone you really click with and right when you go to sip your coffee you catch him doing the same thing too? Well chances are the two of you have been mirroring a lot of each other’s body language. It can start with posture and grow as the date goes on, but if you realize he’s sitting exactly like you, he’s probably very interested in you. It’s human nature to mimic the actions of a potential date, and if there’s isn’t chemistry on both sides it won’t happen even if you try.

9. The Sound of His Voice

Have you ever ordered pizza and thought “This chick actually sounds pretty cool, we would make good friends”? It’s because your voice says so much about you that it’s easy to establish and gauge a connection just by the sound of your date’s voice. When you’re on your date ask yourself: Does his voice make me feel warm? Does he sound nervous? Both could be a good sign he’s liking what he’s seeing.